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Secret to Making a Million Dollars at Home

Perhaps you have heard it said that everyone has a million dollar idea at least once in their life time. It is true! Absolutely! You yourself have probably had many million dollar ideas already and you most likely have one right now. The problems with most of these secret ideas are many, but can be overcome with just a little effort. Lets examine what some of these problems are and some remedies.

The number one reason many million dollar ideas do not succeed is that they were thought of but not acted upon. There is an old joke about a fellow who was praying, “Lord I have been a good faithful servant, and I have prayed to win the lottery why have you not granted my payer?” The lord answered, “Good and faithful servant, why haven’t you bought a lottery ticket?’

The remedy for this is simple, GET STARTED!

The number two reason many brilliant money makers are foiled is they are forgotten.

One afternoon, after a nice back yard barbeque, laying in your hammock, you see a bird fly by and in a flash of inspiration you think of the answer to levitation, a BILLION dollar idea! But after a yawn you have a nice nap then wake up completely relaxed but no memory of your cash cow.

The remedy for this is simple, A LITTLE NOTEPAD!

The number three reason for the demise of many a fortune is lack of faith in the idea.

There was this young Black girl living in a housing project in Illinois; she suffered from a palsy that caused her to walk with her knees bent. Somehow, she came into contact with a charitable organization that paid for a successful operation that straightened up her legs and allowed her to walk normally. She grew up to become a beautiful young woman. As an adult she was beautiful, yes, but had no real marketable skills to gain employment. She asked her successful uncle how she could become wealthy. Her uncle said you have a wonderful opportunity, write a book about your life and send it to Oprah Winfrey. Years later she asked her uncle if she could borrow some money, he asked her, “Why didn’t you write that book, one word of approval from Oprah and you would have sold a million copies regardless of how good your book was.”

The remedy for this is simple, BELIEVE!

The number three reason some amazing dreams are never fulfilled is some great ideas are started but never finished.

Several kids from the neighbourhood noticed Mr. Donenot building an interesting wooden box. They watched and watched until finally Mr. Donenot put away his tools. The kids looked at this strange long rectangular box, about three foot by five foot with sides and a bottom.

One little boy asked, “What is it Mr. Donenot?’

“It’s a boat!” answered Mr. Donenot.

Confused, the little boy asked,

“But where is the pointy end?”

“Oh I’ll put the pointy end on later” Mr. Donenot replied.

Mr. Donenots’ boat was eventually used to hold trash.

The remedy for this is simple, FINISH!

So, in the end, you can turn your million dollar idea into a million dollars if you get started, believe, follow through and finish! Good luck!

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